Girlfriends are the Best! The Benefits of having a Wolfpack…

A good group of friends is beneficial to your mental health and wellbeing. My wolfpack, a name I secretly use…

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A simple difference between management and leadership

What is the difference between management and leadership? The terms are often used interchangeably. There are many academic differences but…

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Why Self Love Matters, Me, You and Us

I was recently asked what my thoughts were on the major contributing factors to relationships breakdowns. My initial response was…

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What we learn from pain shouldn’t be how to escape it.

We don’t need to “go to our happy place.” It seems that our society, sitting with our pain, physical or…

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Looking Through the Hour Glass – High Conflict Separations….

Family Law is fraught with complexity, competing interests, suffering and potent, palpable anger. The process of separating undoubtedly qualifies as…

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Enough… Is Enough!

Current society is filled with hustle and bustle. It’s evidenced based, future focused and embraces instant gratification like never before….

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Biohacking for those taking the journey often travelled – Part One

I recently came across this term whilst travelling on a Qantas flight to Sydney. In bold type, Qmagazine afforded this…

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