Girlfriends are the Best! The Benefits of having a Wolfpack…

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A good group of friends is beneficial to your mental health and wellbeing.

My wolfpack, a name I secretly use to describe my close-knit group of women friends, is foundational to my own sense of okay-ness.  We have nurtured each other for over ten years through relationship ups and downs, messy breakups, mothering moments, grieving the death of a parent, new careers, building businesses, times of emotional angst and joy. We share, we are honest and we care deeply for one another. These are my people.

Mantras of positive psychology tell us that we can choose happiness. But the reality is that my own compass may sometimes not work no matter how hard I try, and I lose this sense of choice.  My friends can help re-set my compass. They come armed not with criticism or advice (well not too much anyway), but with compassion, empathy, unwavering love and sometimes food and a good bottle of wine. The benefits of the loving bonds I have with a close knit group of friends are like always having access to a warm hug and safe place to land.

Studies tell us the five things most important to our mental wellbeing are (i) being healthy, (ii) exercising the brain, (iii) mindfulness, (iv) bathing in nature and (v) connection to meaningful friendships.

Life can be busy but prioritising these deep connections helps your very kind endocrine system dump oxytocin and endorphins into your bloodstream. Remember, with your friends, to:

  • Celebrate: organise a get together and celebrate the friendship or an achievement of a wolfpack member.
  • Acknowledge: Send a special message. It could be by text, card or email with no purpose other than to cherish them.
  • Support: think about how you can help, build confidence, make things a bit easier, collaborate, contribute to their wellbeing and success.

Go roam with your wolfpack!

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