Enough… Is Enough!


Current society is filled with hustle and bustle. It’s evidenced based, future focused and embraces instant gratification like never before. There is pressure to excel and then some more, increase productivity, have more and sleep less. ‘Strive for more’ is seemingly the 21st century mantra.  The underpinning message I fear is a resounding, ‘I don’t have enough, I am not enough”. 

This is not to suggest that success is overrated, rather my sentiment is an invitation to pause and consider how this impacts on us, what underpins the relentless drive for more? What are the gains of having ‘more’? When will enough be enough? 

The drive to do more, to have more and be more is compelling. The shadow of this however, is a constant sense of lack. What if you were to accept a little more mediocrity in your life? The art of balance is perhaps what potentially affords us a sense of ‘enough’. This doesn’t imply scheduling the crap out of work/life balance for the sake of being able to meet some key performance indicator in life rather, it’s an acknowledgement and acceptance of our selves; and this is not our areas of strength or weakness, capacity or incapacity. It’s what brings us to life, gives us meaning, connects us to our being and makes a difference to many or a few. 

Getting the more prestigious job may be well within your capabilities but if this leaves you depleted and drained of energy can this really be more?  Spending hours in the gym and monitoring carbs or sugars or fats may be more but what if your body is just patiently waiting for recognition, love and nurturance rather than constant critique? Public speaking maybe more but if sharing in a small group or tending to genuine friendships brings joy and connection then isn’t this enough?
What if we consider when enough is enough? 

What if we increase our awareness of what we consume – goods, products, food, messages, ideology and consider the effects of this on our mind, body and spirit and that of others?  What if we take a breath and notice, consider and recognise our surroundings and ourselves and smile with gratitude? Life has impermanence to it and this can feed the illusion we need more to be good enough, to have enough and to be enough. The reality is that enough really is enough. Enough said… 

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