Individual & Relationship Counselling

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Individual Counselling

It’s about you.

We sometimes seek out counselling when we are troubled or faced with difficult decisions. We might also seek help in growing and developing ourselves. Whatever path is taken, it is a unique journey – your own journey – but sometimes an ally helps.

Building and maintaining emotional and mental wellbeing is, not unlike physical fitness, something we all need to work at. It might be challenging, revealing, comforting, strengthening and maybe even life changing. Deep listening, respect, compassion, supportive suggestions for a way through, a safe place to land – these all help.

Our services can attract a Medicare rebate. Just ask us about how this works.

The Selfworks methods we offer that may support Medicare rebates include:

  • Psychologically focused Counselling

  • Person-centred Counselling

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Emotionally focused Therapy

  • Psychotherapy (Jungian, object relations)

  • Compassion Therapy

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Therapeutic Yoga & Pilates

  • Play & Sensorial Therapy


We encourage you to invest in your relationships like you would in your own physical, mental or emotional health. We advocate early action to retain and regain trust in each other, and to rebuild your relationship – hopefully even better and stronger than before.

We also understand that relationships end. In those instances, we help you uncouple graciously and, if relevant, provide support and guidance around post-separation parenting arrangements.

Relationship Counselling

Our lives are shaped by the relationships we have with others.


They can bring great joy, but also hurt and suffering. Love, safety, security, warmth and intimacy can give way to frustration, disconnection, ambivalence, pain, anger and despair when things go amiss. Unattended, intimacy can disappear.



  • The standard rate for individual hour-long Individual Counselling sessions is $240

  • Saturday Individual Counselling sessions are available for $260

  • The standard Relationship Counselling fees for hour-long sessions is $280

  • Saturday Relationship Counselling sessions are also available for $300

Our services can attract a Medicare rebate. Just ask us about how this works.