Family Assessments

Family Assessments


 Family Assessments can have significant complexity. There may be several parties involved as well as intersections of vulnerability, health, law and community.

We are committed to providing the best possible outcomes for vulnerable families and individuals. Ours is a holistic approach that is underpinned by respect for others and a desire to understand their circumstances.


Our services include:

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ICL Family Reports

We undertake assessments and reporting requested by Independent Children’s Lawyers (ICLs) to represent the child’s best interests in determining post-separation decisions or arrangements.

Regulation 7 Family Reports

We undertake specialised assessments and reporting requested by the Court under the Family Law Regulations 1984 Regulation 7.

Private Reports

We undertake assessments and reporting when appointed by agreement between parties (sometimes known as Single Expert Witness reports) to present to the Court to give evidence or prepare a report on issues.

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Complex Case Facilitation

We understand that 'care' or 'stakeholder' teams at times experience their own kind of fatigue when working with high levels of complexity and risk. We are able to facilitate decision making processes that are evidenced based (on the work of Eileen Munro) to not just guide more integrated service delivery but provide opportunity for reflective practice and re-alignment to core values. 

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Psycho-social Assessments

Our assessment process is attentive to the intersections of difficulty families may be experiencing with a high level of knowledge in areas such as domestic and family violence, sexual abuse, developmental trauma, mental health, substance use, intergenerational trauma. We have a systemic framework that acknowledges the person in their context, identifies their strengths, opportunities to grow a solid safety and support network, development of safety plans where appropriate and all work is trauma and attachment informed with high levels of cultural sensitivity. 

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Parenting Capacity Assessments

We undertake assessments as a stepped process including a number of sessions to develop an in-depth understanding of the parent/s in terms of parenting style, relational patterns, strengths, areas that need additional support and growth all of which is underpinned in developmental theory and evidence.

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Specialised Parenting Programs

These are run as one on one sessions and/or group sessions depending on the needs of the family and referring organisation. We offer attachment based parenting programs aimed at strengthening the attunement capacity of parents, develop strategies to reduce blocked parenting and bespoke interventions including brain-based interventions (neuroscience of caregiving Daniel Hughes and Jon Baylin). We also offer the highly acclaimed Circle of Security Parenting Programs on an individual and group basis.

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Court-ordered Counselling

We provide post separation court ordered family therapy and individual therapy that is designed to fit the unique needs of families, parents, and children. This can include issues such as parenting after separation, setting boundaries, developing communication strategies and protocols, supporting couples to uncouple and parent their children in a child focused manner as well as support to repair and rebuild parent/child relationships (see also Self & Relationships).


These may vary according to the legal or court-ordered brief.
Please contact THE Groundworks LAB for detail.